We are a 1st century church for the 21st century

We are a church sent to make disciples

It is hard to imagine the disciples spending three years with Jesus and going out and doing something completely different.  The reality is that almost all early church writing and archeology supports that they did not.  This becomes the background that shapes our worship.

  • • The goal here is discipleship. We are committed to discipleship and not to an idealized structure. We are focused on growing the people God brings us. Because of this as God adds to our numbers the structure may change depending on how He leads us, but discipleship will always be central.

  • • Currently We meet in a country club room on most Sunday mornings with a focus on knowing Christ better. This is interactive because Christ spent the bulk of the time with a smaller group of people interacting with them about various topics related to Himself, the Father and His Kingdom.

  • • Currently we meet in a setting once a month for preaching because Christ periodically preached to large groups.

  • • As God sees fit to bring more people to us the number of groups meeting will expand. Each group has an elder leading it, and shepherding its people.

  • • We study His word (not Bible based curriculums or studies)

  • • We share in the Lord’s supper every week

  • • We sing together every week

  • • We are an elder run church because that is what is specifically defined as the mode of church leadership in the new testament. (For info on Biblical eldership or a free booklet on Biblical eldership click either of these links)

  • • We have a document that we have created that list what we feel makes us distinct. You can download a copy of the distinctives at this link: Distinctives2.pdf