The following is a list of our weekly happenings:

  • Sunday morning we gather to start Fellowship at 9Z30AM and morning worship at 10:00AM. On a normal Sunday our meeting centers around exegetical exploration of a passage in God's word.  As a group we seek to go in depth into the passage.  (Come and join us and find out what its all about.)

  • During 2 evenings a week we meet in different locations for a time of prayer (Check out our calendar page for locations and times)

  • Women’s Bible Study every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30PM

  • Saturday morning is our men’s Bible study at 7:30AM

Come and join us for any of the meetings as we seek to grow deeper in our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The following are outreach opportunities that happen on a regular basis but not weekly:

For more info about location call us at (925)217-1588